Basic Knowledge of Postpartum Care for Mothers

Postpartum care is very important for mothers. In addition to maintaining overall health, this treatment is also important for maintaining beauty and appearance. If you have just given birth, it helps you become familiar with the basic knowledge of postpartum care. After giving birth normally, you must ensure that there are no problems in urination, including paying attention to the healing of wounds in the area of intimate organs. Similarly, the process of giving birth by cesarean section. Be sure to treat the surgical incision wound in the abdomen until it has fully healed. Postpartum Care Normal During normal labor, it is likely that the vagina will experience a tear or cut. This labor wound can take several weeks to dry up and fully heal. If you feel pain when sitting, use a pillow as a cushion to relieve the pain. In addition, you may have difficulty urinating because the urethral tissue and bladder swell. No need to worry, this condition improves with healing swelling. Aft
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